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Although I take no satisfaction in this latest private space reality check, I hope that it will serve to turn down the hype and spin and enable reasoned discussion, which up to now has been almost impossible because of "cultism." Spaceflight isn't a cult; it's a complex array of engineering & human factors problems. Just believing won't make it so. 
I have predicted for 10+ yrs that the first space tourism accident would kill the industry. I had in mind an accident that killed wealthy passengers. I am not sure how this test failure will affect space tourism, though it seems likely that it will raise cost. Operators will have to fly more successful tests to rebuild confidence. And then, if an operator kills wealthy passengers, the industry will die. 

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Bad news for widely different sorts of private spaceflight enterprises this week.   Apparently the first SpaceShipTwo suffered an 'anomaly' during a powered flight test today.  I hear two crew were aboard and 'at least one has survived'. 

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