[FPSPACE] Trajectories of Soviet 2MV Missions to Venus and Mars in 1962

Drew LePage ajlepage at visidyne.com
Sun Jun 29 09:46:45 EDT 2014

I've been interested in the old Soviet lunar and planetary missions for 
decades as well as tackling the mysteries some of the early ones have 
presented.  One of the tools I found to be useful unraveling some of 
these mysteries (as well as raising new questions) has been an analysis 
of the trajectories followed (or supposed to be followed) by Soviet 
missions to Venus and Mars.  Two of the more recent analyses that I have 
performed but not shared in this forum are for the 2MV-series spacecraft 
launched towards Venus and Mars in 1962.  I provide the links below:

An analysis of the three unsuccessful (and unannounced) launches in 
late-August to Early September 1962 to Venus that were suppose to 
compete with NASA's Mariner 2 mission:


An analysis of the three missions to Mars launched in late-October to 
early-November 1962 which included Mars 1 and a pair of unsuccessful 
(and again, unannounced) sister craft - another flyby probe and the 
first Mars lander.  Also discussed are results from simulations of the 
entry trajectory into the Martian atmosphere:



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