[FPSPACE] History of Planetary Orbit Insertion Failures

Drew LePage ajlepage at visidyne.com
Mon Jun 23 12:01:21 EDT 2014


With a half dozen spacecraft currently en route to orbit their 
destinations, I figured it was a good time to review the history of 
planetary orbit insertion failures over the last 40 years. The URL above 
is for post on Drew Ex Machina which provides a link to Part II of my 
two-part article (as well as last week's Part I) on the topic published 
in this week's "The Space Review".  There are also additional links to 
some related material including some on line videos for some of the 
missions. Of particular interest to this group are the sections on the 
orbit insertion failures of Phobos 1 and Mars 4 as well as the 
near-failure of Mars 3. Below is a link to a more detailed technical 
piece on the near failure of Mars 3 published a month ago that may also 
be of interest.


Drew LePage

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