[FPSPACE] Newsbreak: Turkey to launch its own recon satellite intoorbit by end of the year

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Goturk 1 is scheduled for launch on a Vega, although I have seen it scheduled for 2015.

Goturk 2 was launched by the Chinese on December 18, 2012.

Phillip Clark

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  Al-monitor.com via Matthew Aid's blog




  In this article, no mention is made of the rocket launcher that will take the satellite into orbit, however.


    1.. Turkey to Launch Its Own Spy Satellite Into Orbit by the End of the Year 
  June 18, 2014

  Turkey's 'retaliation' to Israel spy satellite

  Ahmet Fatih Erturan


  June 17, 2014


    1.. Turkey's Gokturk-1 satellite, which will be put into orbit at the end of the year, will be in response to Israel's spy satellite that is watching all Middle East countries, starting with Turkey. This is seen as Turkey's retaliation to Israel's recently launched spy satellite. 
  The Turkish satellite's construction is completed and is expected to be launched by the end of the year. Gokturk-1, which cost 261.5 million euros [$354.6 million], was built by an Italian contractor.

  Starting on Aug. 1, Gokturk-1 will be subjected to a series of tests at the new Center for Satellite Assembly, Integration and Testing, set up on the premises of Turkish Aeronautics Corporation outside of Ankara and will be launched after successful completion of the tests. It will then be placed in orbit and after receiving its first transmissions of data, its operation will be taken over by the Turkish air force in the first quarter of 2016.

  The satellite, designed to get high-resolution images from any corner of the world, is fully equipped with the latest technology.

  Gokturk-1, in addition to developing Turkey's capacity to collect intelligence and provide data to the defense establishment about threats near and far in all weather conditions, will even be capable of detecting ants on the ground.

  When Turkey made a deal with the Italian company for the manufacture of the satellite, Israel threatened the Italian company and warned against taking images from Israel. But recently Israel launched a satellite called Ofek-10 and gained the capacity to watch all Middle East countries, led by Turkey. Turkey will thus be responding to Israel by launching Gokturk-1.



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