[FPSPACE] Elon Musk Wants the Military to Let SpaceX Launch Satellites

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He's bent on making himself appear an underdog in the belief that fanboy pressure will help his case. He's a showman, not a space pioneer, no matter what anyone says. The grand unveiling of Dragon V2 was unbelievable. None of this wouldn't be a problem if he were playing around on his own dime - more power to him - but he isn't. As someone explained to me, he has won over political appointees who know nothing of space and has built up a fan base among the naive. DOD falls into neither category and doesn't have to cave to pressure in quite the same way NASA does. So, what transpires next will be interesting.

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    There’s a custom in Washington that U.S. defense
      contractors don’t talk trash about their competitors, at least not
      in public. After fiercely competing for multibillion-dollar
      Pentagon contracts, the winner often placates the loser with a
      piece of the action. When Lockheed Martin was
      awarded the contract to build the F-22 fighter jet, it hired Northrop
            Grumman to build the plane’s radar. Boeing
      won the contract to build the Air Force’s KC-46 tanker
      plane and asked Northrop and Raytheon to contribute
      key components. Everyone ends up happy. It’s how it’s always been

    Elon Musk couldn’t care less how it’s always been done. 




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