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This is tragic. He was a colleague and a very good friend.

David L. Rickman

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    I have just gotten word that Sergey Andreev, good friend and FPSpace    contributor has died after a long hard battle with blood cancer.  He    was a Senior Lecturer at Samara State Aerospace University and had a    Facebook account at https://www.facebook.com/sergey.v.andreev.  He    was also the administrator of the archive at http://cosmopark.ru.     There is an interesting article online about him and his trip to    Germany to research some history of the V2 at http://samaratoday.ru/news/19615.
      His son, Nikita posted the following note on his own Facebook      account:
                Thank all of you, who have supported him and the whole family          during the illness!
                The funeral will be the day after tomorrow, Oct.21-th. The          time of the funeral is still to be specified, but most likely          - at around 12 a.m. hours of the day.
                my phone number is - +7 917 953 50 15
    Sergey was very well know to the Novosti Kosmonavtiki discussion    forum members and they have responded with a special section devoted    to him at  http://novosti-kosmonavtiki.ru/forum/forum9/topic13880
    I have known Sergey for a number of years now and we have    corresponded on a number of subjects.  He was a smart, sarcastically    funny guy and he will be greatly missed.

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