[FPSPACE] Fwd: Второе издание дневников Н.П.Каманина

Carlos Herranz cherranzd at cofis.es
Thu Oct 17 05:42:53 EDT 2013

Keith Gottschalk wrote:

> Kamanin might be the one who gave a verbal instruction.
> Another possibility is that it might have been a quite low-level decision.

As a general historical context to this issue, I recommend Asif
Siddiqi's very good chapter “Cosmic Contradictions: Popular Enthusiasm
and Secrecy in the Soviet Space Program.” in the book Into the Cosmos:
Space Exploration and Soviet Culture (eds. James T. Andrews and Asif
A. Siddiqi, 47-76. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011).

Also available as a PDF here:

Carlos Herranz

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