[FPSPACE] Mayak super-heavy launch vehicle

Anatoly Zak agzak at optonline.net
Wed Oct 9 13:17:01 EDT 2013

Among many interesting things at Moscow air show this year was a scale model
of the Ukrainian Mayak launch vehicle, capable of delivering whooping 70
tons to the low Earth orbit. The story behind this project is largely a
mystery given that Ukraine is not planning to put laser battle stations in
space. So, my guess, it is a gesture toward Moscow where Roskosmos promises
to start work on a really big launcher, reminiscent of NASA¹s SLS. Given
Ukrainian role in Zenit and US Antares, it could be a big help for the
Russian space program. Obviously, with a more Russian-friendly government in
Kiev these days, one might wonder whether Kremlin¹s ³not a single dollar to
Ukraine² slogan still stands:


Anatoly Zak
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