David Lee Rickman davidlrickman at aol.com
Tue Oct 8 23:42:32 EDT 2013

Hello All!

It has come to my very excited attention that the Almaz Capsule stored in the MAI Lab (Hall) 603; the capsule seen during one of, if not THE first Friends and Partners excursion to Russia has the Life Support System Attached. This revelation was unexpected, but extremely exciting!!! I had thought the Khrunichev Capsule was the only capsule to have the LSS intact, and since it went missing a couple of years ago I was starting to think I would never be able to analyze this system.

So, now the big question: Does anybody here know someone who has been able to photograph this capsule and might be willing to share, or (even better) know anyone who has access to MAI Lab 603???

You can contact me directly at DavidLRickman at aol.com

Many Thanks,

David L. Rickman

549 Caribou Road
Asheville, NC  28803

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