[FPSPACE] Salyut 1 Photo

David R. Woods drwoods at stny.rr.com
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There are a series of eight screen shots at the bottom of the page with 
the caption:

    /Скриншоты кадров кинофильма «Звёздная дорога» Творческого
    объединения «Экран», 15 мин., 1971 г. //о предполётной подготовке
    экипажа «Союз-10»/

    /Screenshots frames of the film "Star Road" Creative Association
    "Ekran", 15 min., 1971/ /on flight preparation crew of "Soyuz-10"/

The bottom row, left hand picture with Alexei Yeliseyev is him, not in a 
Soyuz trainer, but rather inside the 7K-L1 Zond circum-lunar trainer. 
This is a new picture for me and it shows a little more detail of the 
interior layout. Very interesting. Thanks David.


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Hello FPSpace!

While searching for information on a few Almaz RRV related questions, I 
happened upon this photograph of Salyut 1 in orbit taken by the crew of 
Soyuz 10.


It's totally new to me, and is a pretty exciting antique! It's included 
in this online article: 

Now if I could only find a photograph of Almaz in orbit, and/or a TKS on 
a Proton I'd be extremely excited!

Best Regards,

David L. Rickman
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Asheville, NC 28803

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