[FPSPACE] question: Does Sokol suit really have provision fo opening for urination?

jameseoberg at comcast.net jameseoberg at comcast.net
Wed Mar 27 11:17:40 EDT 2013

A recent comment by Chris Cassidy suggests he thinks the Sokol suit 

allows crotch access for clean urination -- I had always thought the crew wore 

'Huggy'-type diapers and regularly [and safely] used them when in the suits. 


Also, I am told that crewmembers are given pre-suitup enemas to minimize 

likelihood of defecation during the rendezvous phase, and especially during the 

Sokol phase. Can that be confirmed? 


Below is quotation as described on collectspace.com 


I can't find any other credible descriptions of this pressure bladder opening. The only other opening I was aware of was the helmt visor. 


This is for an article for NBC's website related to the 'fast rendezvous'. 





"We wind up being in the vehicle for a very, very long time and people just need to use the toilet eventually," Cassidy told collectSPACE.com, "so we'll open the hatch and have access to the BO [Russian Cyrillic, pronounced "vae-oh" meaning orbital module] and be allowed to take our suits not completely off but enough to do any business we need to take care of and just stretch our legs." 


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