[FPSPACE] Russian BLITS satellite collision doubted

James Oberg jameseoberg at comcast.net
Mon Mar 18 20:42:21 EDT 2013

The Satellite Collision that Never Happened?     

  Posted by Amy Butler 8:39 PM on Mar 17, 2013 
  What has been reported by mainstream press to have been a satellite collision 
  in late January, which allegedly damaged a Russian satellite, never took 
  place, according to a U.S. defense official.
  Major news outlets reported last week that the Russian BLITS satellite 
  collided with a piece of orbital debris left after China conducted an 
  antisatellite test using its own Feng Yun 1C satellite as a target in 2007. 
  They quote experts at the Center for Space Standards & Innovation, who say the 
  collision occurred Jan. 22.
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