[FPSPACE] need personal comments on comfort of Sokol suit

James Oberg jameseoberg at comcast.net
Sat Mar 9 07:52:35 EST 2013

The Russians are about to inaugurate the 'fast rendezvous'
plan for the Soyuz, this month, and I've written about it
already for IEEE's 'Spectrum' magazine here:

One drawback is the crew has to stay in their 'Sokol' suits for the total
period, 4 revs, with a duration pre-launch to doffing of about ten hours -- and
on-orbit, mostly confined to their seats.

What can anyone tell me concerning crew comfort [or non-comfort] issues this brings up? 

How much relief do crewmembers feel when after only a couple of hours they are able 
to get out of the suits and float around in flight clothes? 

This is for an article for the NBC News space website. Thanks!


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