[FPSPACE] Chang'e 3 update - modified launcher

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Sun Mar 3 20:44:56 EST 2013

A rocket expert said Friday that China has developed a modified model of the 
Long March-3B carrier rocket for an upcoming moon landing mission to be 
completed by the Chang'e-3 moon orbiter.
The orbiter's structure and size are considerably different than those of its 
predecessors, requiring some modifications for its carrier rocket, according to 
Liang Xiaohong, Communist Party of China (CPC) chief of the China Academy of 
Launch Vehicle Technology.
With its improved design, the modified carrier rocket's reliability has been 
increased and its carrying capacity has been boosted by 30 kg, Liang said.
Liang said the new design will allow the Chang'e-3 to take advantage of more 
launch windows in comparison to the Chang'e-2. http://www.space-travel.com/reports/China_to_use_modified_rocket_for_moon_landing_mission_999.html  Morris JonesSydney   		 	   		  
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