[FPSPACE] Almaz Capsule at Khrunichev

David Lee Rickman davidlrickman at aol.com
Sun Jan 27 23:55:08 EST 2013

Fellow FPSpacers,

It has been some time since I have posted this request (to no avail), so I'd like present it again:

I am trying to find the current location of an Almaz TKS Reusable Capsule located at Khrunichev. The last photograph I have seen of this capsule it was housed with the ISS Modules displayed at one of the Khrunichev Proton Assembly Buildings. This Almaz capsule seems to be the only one which still has the Life Support System attached to the bottom of the spacecraft. I am also hoping to determine the serial number of this capsule.
If by chance anyone on this list has (or knows someone who has) visited Khrunichev in the last couple of years and might have any news related to the location of this capsules - or anyone who has photographs of this capsule - particularly the underside - please contact me either on the forum or at DavidLRickman at aol.com

Thank you, and good wishes to all,

David L. Rickman
549 Caribou Road
Asheville, NC  28803

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