[FPSPACE] payload failures on SeaLaunch, Proton -- due to common hardware error

JEOberg jeoberg at comcast.net
Sat Jan 26 18:09:04 EST 2013


Three satellite problem: solar array explosion-during-launch mystery finally solved

An obscure mechanism which caused three Space Systems/Loral-manufactured satellites, Telstar 14, Telstar 14R and Intelsat 19 to have solar array failures during their launches/deployments has finally been discovered.  In an interview conducted in the space newspaper Space News (Peter B de Selding, 7 January 2013), John Celli, President of the US spacecraft manufacturer Space Systems/Loral, revealed that the eight-year-old mystery into why three satellites had major solar array failures had been solved by an independent investigation team.  It found that it was inadvertent solar array pressurisation and exposive decompression that was the underlying cause.
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