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Folks, this is more recent history of astronomy, but a most interesting piece of news just popped up.  The BBC did a piece on the two Louisvillians, Larry Baysinger and Glenn Rutherford, who are the only people known to have independently picked up the Apollo astronauts on the moon back during the Apollo missions.  Baysinger and Rutherford were featured on BBC Radio 3's "Between the Ears" program.  You can listen to it at:

(Baysinger & Rutherford appear at about 18 min, 30 sec into the show and are then featured for about 5 minutes).

It will only be available for a few days.

This is something I've been involved with on and off for a few years.  Baysinger & Rutherford's work was featured in the Courier-Journal in the 1960's and has came to light through a discussion I had with Rutherford because he was talking to me about the NDIX conference.  More on their work is on the my college's observatory web page at:

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