[FPSPACE] Fwd: update on Mars-500 results

Ben Huset benhuset at skypoint.com
Thu Jan 10 09:53:02 EST 2013

I'd say the MARS500 didn't design the cruise mission activities correctly.

There are lots of 'cool' things to do 'while' going from Earth to Mars 
and back.

Tele operations of surface ops., Solar Observation, zero G research 
although I advocate coming and going with centrifical G's , public 
outreach events, and the not so cool but ever present, System Maintenance...

5 time MDRS explorer

"....As the cheerless skies and grim economy sap all will to return to 
work, take heart that even on a trip to Mars 
<http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/mars>, it is hard to get out of bed 
in the morning.

The drudge of interplanetary travel has emerged from research on six men 
who joined the longest simulated space mission ever 
a 17-month round trip to the red planet in a pretend spaceship housed at 
a Moscow industrial estate...."

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