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David is correct. Remain sceptical until the archaeologists unearth
physical artefacts. Then we can all celebrate alongside the National
Geographic Society. In the meanwhile, good luck & bon voyage to all
space explorers!


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Thanks for pointing that out. 

By way of linking this to spaceflight, we already have plenty of myths
of space travel. Nazi bases on the far side of the moon, the Face on
Mars, Apollo 18, faked moon landings, etc., etc.

Menzies' stuff reminds me an awful lot of Eric von Daniken. It has been
similarly demolished by serious scholars, though it still has a fan
following. I see it as alternate history.

There is no evidence that anyone serious would point to that the Chinese
visited the Americas. Never mind Minoans in the Great Lakes, which is
just silly. 

There are many explanations for maps that appear to show more than they
should for their time. These include assigning incorrect dates to maps,
interpreting mythical lands medieval cartographers routinely inserted
into their maps as real places, and promulgation on maps of the ancient
view that the Old World continents should be "balanced" by other
continents as yet undiscovered. There is also ample evidence of early
fabrications: for example, Amerigo Vespucci, who wrote of journeying to
America and for whom North America and South America are named, never
actually traveled to the New World. 

Incidentally, I'm not one who believes that the Norse explored deep into
the interior of North America or even very far south along the east
coast. I'll change my mind when we locate physical evidence.

David S. F. Portree

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I know that this topic is off-topic tofpspace, but I thought I would add
my two cents.
There is a further theory that Columbus had maps of the New Worldto take
with him on his trips West.  These maps were Chinese ones made bythe
Zheng He (and perhaps other Chinese expeditions) flotilla.  Thistheory,
which has only parts verified currently, and in which many scholars
andhistorians dispute, is proffered by Gavin Menzies.  He has been
writing aseries of books about this trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific
travel before Columbus.
These books include 1421, and 1434.  Andmore recently, Atlantis (about
the theory that the Minoan civilization had beenmining copper in the
Great Lakes region). 1434 is Menzies’ view that when the Chinese visited
Italy in 1434 andvisited the Pope, they brought along with them a full
“Encyclopedia ofthe World” with them (about all the Chinese knowledge
accumulated up tothat time) that they provided the Pope, and also
brought with them “mapsof the entire world”*and there are some extant
European maps fromthat time frame that show a great deal more than what
Europeans are believed tohave explored at that time frame.  Menzies puts
forth the theory thatthese maps are copies of Chinese ones that were
provided to the Pope. Menzies’ theory is that the Chinese data
contribution ignited theRenaissance.
He has a website you can visit, and searchthe evidence (each book has
the chapter listing on a separate webpage that youcan click on) he has
used to bolster his viewpoints.

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I think this is a rehash of the oldstory that Columbus heard about
America when he sailed to Bristol in the 1480s. Turns out that
theBasques and the Bristol sailors were regularlytraveling to the Grand
Banks off Newfoundlandto fish for cod by the 1470s. In the past few
years it has become clear thatthe Basques, at least, made landfall when
they had cause. Bristoltended to keep the source of its fish a secret
for fear that the HanseaticLeague would get involved, as had happened
when they fished the North Sea and Baltic, and the Basques' secret was
safebecause of their geographic and linguistic isolation.

David S. F. Portree

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A weird little news report from New York Herald Tribune, 12 October 1959
Soviet Historian Declares ColumbusTricked World.

A Soviet Historian said today that Christopher Columbus hoodwinked the
years ago because he knew all along where America was. The
only as Tyspernik, a lecturer at the Kazakh Pedagogic Institute, was
quoted by

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