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PeterRBond at aol.com PeterRBond at aol.com
Fri Nov 23 06:54:45 EST 2012

Dear All,
Following on from a previous discussion about a likely failed launch  
attempt by Iran on 23 May, IHS Jane's Defence Weekly has now reported clear  
photographic evidence of  a catastrophic launch failure, probably on 22  Sept. 
The payload was "probably a Fajr satellite".
According to Nick Hansen of  Stanford, DigitalGlobe satellite imagery taken 
on 22 September showed the final  stages of launch preparations, indicating 
the launch attempt took place later  that day or soon afterwards. 
He notes: "The next available satellite image, taken on 25 October,  
reveals striking damage. Analysis of the burn patterns indicates the rocket  
failed moments after its ignition, toppled southward onto the pad and exploded.  
It is likely that it triggered explosions and fires in the umbilical tower 
and  nearby vehicles. Tyre tracks lead from the pad to a nearby bermed pen, 
where the  burned-out TEL has been towed. The hydraulic fluid used to hoist 
and lower the  umbilical tower also appears to have burned, destroying the 
wiring and piping  needed to operate that apparatus."
Peter Bond
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