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Peter Pesavento’s “The ghosts of Tyuratam: Wright-Patterson, the "SL-X", and what the US intelligence community knew during the Moon race”, Space Chronicle, JBIS, vol 65, Suppl 2, pp 71-90, 2012 arrived the other day and I have read this very interesting piece. 

Again the fascinating subject of the target of the 7L launch is discussed. In Asid Siddiqi’s “Challenge to Apollo” we can read that t was intended for the Moon after an injection on a southbound pass near the equater and after a long stay in parking orbit (24 hrs?). In Peter’s article the NSA is quoted as believing that it was aimed away from the Moon like Zond 4.

I have done the simple analysis of where the orbital plane pointed and IMHO NSA is wrong and the account in “Challenge to Apollo” appears corrects. See my updated analysis here:


What would we do without these mysteries?

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