[FPSPACE] Auction of space prints

Jakob Terweij japio at dds.nl
Wed Nov 14 08:28:29 EST 2012

I dont know anything about that auction.
But I never think they will get that price they are asking.
If any one is interested :
I will sell my soviet/russian pictures for 1/10 of that price.

Quoting Brian Harvey <brharvey at iol.ie>:

>> Does anyone know anything about this auction of US and   
>> Soviet-period space prints and the circumstances of their sale?
> This is the site:
>> https://www.westlicht-auction.com/index.php?id=2422755&acat=2422755&offset=21&_ssl=off where a catalog can also be   
>> downloaded.

Jakob Terweij
j van Lennepstraat 249C
1053 JD Amsterdam

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