[FPSPACE] anyone know more about this? Aerojet testing site inFlorida, 1960s

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I remember this place.  They fired HUGE solid boosters, up to 260-inch diameter if I remember corectly.  They were mounted upside down and fired straight up.  They were a freaking man-made volcano!  That was back in the days when we thought we were going places in a hurry :-(  I still have some 8X10 glossy publicity photos of one of those burning in my files in the garage.

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  Space Miami - Aerojet-Dade Rocket Site Documentary
  In 1963 Aerojet-General built a rocket manufacturing plant in the middle of the Everglades. They were hoping to build rockets for the Apollo moon mission. The rockets were built and tested in a 150 ft. deep silo, the deepest hole ever dug in Florida.

  In addition to the site, they dug the largest canal cutting through the Everglades to the Atlantic ocean. Because the rockets were so big (solid fueled), they could only be transfered by barge. 

  The Saturn rockets ended up with liquid fuel and Aerojet never got the contract. The site was abandoned in 1969, along with the rocket in the silo. It's been sitting there for nearly 50 years. 



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