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Larry and David, 


I know that this topic is off-topic to fpspace, but I thought I would add my
two cents.


There is a further theory that Columbus had maps of the New World to take
with him on his trips West.  These maps were Chinese ones made by the Zheng
He (and perhaps other Chinese expeditions) flotilla.  This theory, which has
only parts verified currently, and in which many scholars and historians
dispute, is proffered by Gavin Menzies.  He has been writing a series of
books about this trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific travel before Columbus.


These books include 1421, and 1434.  And more recently, Atlantis (about the
theory that the Minoan civilization had been mining copper in the Great
Lakes region).  1434 is Menzies' view that when the Chinese visited Italy in
1434 and visited the Pope, they brought along with them a full "Encyclopedia
of the World" with them (about all the Chinese knowledge accumulated up to
that time) that they provided the Pope, and also brought with them "maps of
the entire world"-and there are some extant European maps from that time
frame that show a great deal more than what Europeans are believed to have
explored at that time frame.  Menzies puts forth the theory that these maps
are copies of Chinese ones that were provided to the Pope.  Menzies' theory
is that the Chinese data contribution ignited the Renaissance.


He has a website you can visit, and search the evidence (each book has the
chapter listing on a separate webpage that you can click on) he has used to
bolster his viewpoints.







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I think this is a rehash of the old story that Columbus heard about America
when he sailed to Bristol in the 1480s. Turns out that the Basques and the
Bristol sailors were regularly traveling to the Grand Banks off Newfoundland
to fish for cod by the 1470s. In the past few years it has become clear that
the Basques, at least, made landfall when they had cause. Bristol tended to
keep the source of its fish a secret for fear that the Hanseatic League
would get involved, as had happened when they fished the North Sea and
Baltic, and the Basques' secret was safe because of their geographic and
linguistic isolation.

David S. F. Portree

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Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog has posted a new item, 'Columbus Knew
He Was Going, Claims Soviet Historian'

A weird little news report from New York Herald Tribune, 12 October 1959
Soviet Historian Declares Columbus Tricked World.

A Soviet Historian said today that Christopher Columbus hoodwinked the world
years ago because he knew all along where America was. The historian,
only as Tyspernik, a lecturer at the Kazakh Pedagogic Institute, was quoted

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