[FPSPACE] Energia 25TH Anniversary Photoalbum

Charles, John B. (JSC-SA211) john.b.charles at nasa.gov
Fri Dec 14 12:38:35 EST 2012

I am struck by the fact that every hardware photo is related to the construction and launch of the first Energiya rocket. No N1, not even Mir, Salyuts, Soyuz, Voskhod, Vostok, R-7. Unless the text clarifies it (I don't read Russian), it seems a very peculiar retrospective bias.

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There's an interesting photoalbum of Energia posted by TSSKB.



It's more than interesting, it's very affecting in that it shows the people who 
were there and making Energiya work.

I wonder how many of them are still around and might tell their stories.

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