[FPSPACE] BBC Horizon "Guide to the Space Shuttle"...could the Columbia have been saved?

Anatoly Zak agzak at optonline.net
Wed Apr 25 16:12:01 EDT 2012

What laws of physics are violated when Proton's upper stages routinely take
off from Baikonur and make it all the way to zero-degree inclination and
geostationary altitude?! It is only a matter of enough propellant.

Considering "what if" scenarios might help to understand how to plan for the
future, IMHO. Note how many changes post-Columbia missions had: flights
within reach of the station, tiles inspections etc.

Anatoly Zak

On 4/25/12 3:12 PM, "Julie Miller" <juliermiller at earthlink.net> wrote:

> A change to the laws of physics (having Columbia rendezvous with the
> space station or launching anything from Bakinour)

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