[FPSPACE] What's in a name ?????

Michael K. Heney mike at heney.net
Sun Apr 22 10:57:24 EDT 2012

I hate to jump in - but ...

First off, in Phillip's defense, I am a HUGE fan of tilting at windmills. 
It's good for the soul, even if the chances of prevailing are on par with 
a manned moon landing in 2015.

Rui mentions being correct for the sake of the "people outside the space 
community" (noting that we insiders can figure things out...)  The thing 
is, people outside the community don't know - or care - about such things, 
just as they don't care what the tail number of the aircraft they're 
flying on is.  Heck, many couldn't tell you if they flew on a Boeing or an 
Airbus - their interest in spacecraft designations is generally less.

I'm sympathetic to the concept of multiple names for a given flight.
I saw Atlantis (OV-104) launch on flight STS-135 flying the ULF-7 mission 
on the ISS manifest.  Similarly, folks will say they watched the Terra 
launch, which was an Atlas-IIAS on vehicle AC-141.  Progress-M 15M is a 
vehicle, Progress 47P is a mission designation.  I can live with that, 
because it's not *my* windmill to tilt at.  (I have several of my own, 
thank you.)

Finally - I think the reaction to this thread is because we hear this 
argument.  Every.  Single.  Progress.  And.  Soyuz.  Flight.  We know.
We sympathize.  (although a bit less on each repeat.)   But as there's 
nothing this community can really DO about the matter, the drumbeat gets a 
touch tiresome.

Strictly my own opinion - worth what you paid for it.

- Mike Heney

On Sun, 22 Apr 2012, Phillip Clark wrote:

> Probably the reason that the Russians do not comment is that they use the correct names.   And therefore Russian writers always use the correct names.
> It is only stupid westerners who believe that "if NASA says it's true then it must be true".
> Such people are not worth considering seriously.
> Phillip Clark
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>  Kees, I agree with you. Reading these ongoing diatribes defending Russian nomenclature that even the Russians don't defend reminds me of the quote attributed to Henry Kissinger and many others: "The reason that academic politics are so vicious is that the stakes are so small."
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