[FPSPACE] What's in a name ?????

Anatoly Zak agzak at optonline.net
Sun Apr 22 07:33:58 EDT 2012

Don¹t give them wrong ideas ­ they might decide to re-name all Russian
cosmonauts into something ³that sounds better for ordinary Americans.² :)

On 4/22/12 3:53 AM, "Kees van den Berg" <bergcvd at zonnet.nl> wrote:

> Aleksandr Yuriyevich Kaleri was born in 1956. This is his formal name, but
> everybody call him: Sasha Kaleri.  Is this Sasha another man? NO !!!
> Simply: Aleksandr Yuriyevich Kaleri  AKA Sasha Kaleri. So we write: Aleksandr
> "Sasha"  Yuriyevich Kaleri.

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