[FPSPACE] What's in a name ?????

Phillip Clark phillipclark at btinternet.com
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Sorry, Kees, but I have to totally disagree with you.

The correct names for the two Progress spacecraft which you name are Progress M-14M and Progress M-15M and NOT 46P and 47P respectively.   The latter designators are the figments of NASA's imagination and have no bearing on the correct names of the spacecraft.

When you read about Progress 1 do you think of the spacecraft launched in 1978?   Because in NASA-speak it's the first cargo freighter launched to ISS around two decades later.   This NASA-inspired use of incorrect spacecraft names causes confusion amongst those who do not know about those who think that ISS is the only space station that has ever existed.

It is as simple as that.   I never have and I never will take any prisoners on this subject.

Phillip Clark

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  Aleksandr Yuriyevich Kaleri was born in 1956. This is his formal name, but everybody call him: Sasha Kaleri.  Is this Sasha another man? NO !!!
  Simply: Aleksandr Yuriyevich Kaleri  AKA Sasha Kaleri. So we write: Aleksandr "Sasha"  Yuriyevich Kaleri. 

  Russia's Progress M-14M has undocked from the International Space Station..... Others say:  Russia's Progress 46P has undocked from the  ISS. Other vehicle, other station? NO !!! 
  Simply: Progress M-14M AKA 46P. So we write: Progress M-14M / 46P and the International Space Station = ISS

  That's all. Stop the silly discussion about designations.

  In reference to: Progress M-14M / 46P made way for the Progress M-15M/47P.
  Is there anybody out there who does not understand this?

  Come on fpspacers behave like grown up and stop a childish game.

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