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This is a shock. I'm so sorry for his family and many friends.
Dennis' ALMANAC helped inspire my MIR HARDWARE HERITAGE (NASA, 1995). 
Incidentally, I always had the idea that he was older. Knowing he was 28 when he published his ALMANAC increases my respect for him.

David S. F. Portree

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Dennis was kind enough to send me some copies of his 'Russian Aerospace Guide' newsletter when I contacted him in the mid-1990s. In pre-Internet Ireland they were certainly a great help in my search for more information on Soviet spaceflight and I will always be thankful for that help. Although I didn't know him personally I'm still very saddened at his passing at such a young age.

Dominic Phelan



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Subject: [FPSPACE] Dennis Newkirk

Dennis Newkirk passed away on April 12, 2012. He was the author (among many publications) of the wonderful Almanac of Soviet Manned Space Flight (1990).

He was a really great guy. Generous with his time and resources. I met him around '92 or so, and we got to be good friends soon after, sharing with each other everything we collected on the Soviet space program. He had a keen eye for Soviet space history and inspired many (including myself) with his generosity and good humor. He will be missed.

Asif Siddiqi

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