[FPSPACE] Dennis Newkirk

Charles Vick cpvick at globalsecurity.org
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It is indeed sad to hear of Dennis's passing.

I remember so well that he made it to Moscow FPSpace tour only to get too
sick to say and had to return.  He tried

Let all remember that life is far too short so hug your love ones for we are
all here but for a very short period of time.

Peace be with Dennis in the Lord's ship of State

Peace for the love ones still with us all.




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Dennis Newkirk passed away on April 12, 2012. He was the author (among many
publications) of the wonderful Almanac of Soviet Manned Space Flight (1990).


He was a really great guy. Generous with his time and resources. I met him
around '92 or so, and we got to be good friends soon after, sharing with
each other everything we collected on the Soviet space program. He had a
keen eye for Soviet space history and inspired many (including myself) with
his generosity and good humor. He will be missed.


Asif Siddiqi


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