[FPSPACE] Fate of the DPRK rocket scientists

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When the NK soccer team lost in the World Cup in 2010 there was talk of the players being reeducated when they got home. So I swould hate to think what a public rocket failure might mean. How many more years before this failed experiment just falls apart? Larry ---------- Sent from AT&T's Wireless network using Windows Live Hotmail

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In response to Peter's question about what happens next to officials and scientists connected to the failed DPRK launch, I think this is a question that deserves further exploration. It's not just about the fate of these people. It's all about how the failure of the launch is presented to the world.

It would be tempting to blame external parties for the failure. This would protect people inside the DPRK but also raise tensions. One media source has already suggested this.

There's also a potential dilemma. They would probably like to purge underperforming personnel, but may have trouble recruiting people to replace them. Thus, it could be  difficult for them to execute certain people or send them to the gulag.

Morris Jones, Sydney

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