[FPSPACE] North Korean launch vehicle and satellite...first impressions

Sven Grahn svengrahn at bahnhof.se
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I agree, the rocket looks like a mockup for training ground crews in erecting tje rocket on the pad. Saw such a practice rocket at Jiuquan many years ago.


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10 apr 2012 kl. 01:09 skrev "Peter Pesavento" <pjp961 at svol.net>:

> These are my impressions after seeing some footage of both the rocket and satellite on the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley at 6:30 PM EDT this evening.
> There were decently clear views of the rocket on the pad, and what struck me is that there was one very close view of the first stage on the pad (lowest part of it) that appeared to show that the paint on the first stage was flaking off—it did not appear to be fresh paint, and the first stage rocket skirt looked rather dingy.  Since it was not being fuelled at the time of this released videotape, I am not certain why the paint was flaking off, or why the first stage looked a bit shop-worn.
> They also showed a model of the satellite inside a room with a North Korean technician who was wearing an all-white clean room outfit holding a pointer.  The completely square, dark-colored satellite didn’t strike me as an observation type of satellite.  It appeared to be more of something akin to a communications satellite. There was some very shiny gold plated accoutrements sticking out the top of the satellite, but the views were not of the lingering type, so I couldn’t make out for certain what I was looking at.
> Those are some of my first impressions.
> If others have some from viewing the materials on broadcasts, please post them.
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