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Dennis Newkirk and Antonin Vitek both dead - really hard for this community.


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After praising the Czech-English efforts of Google Translate, I neglected to
offer evidence.  Here is the translation of the article at 

What follows the horizontal line is Google Translate, not me.


Antonin Vitek died. Always know what and why they moved in space
28th February 2012   10:46
At the age of 72 years died after a long illness popularizer Space Antonin
Vitek. Is the author of the largest databases of artificial objects in space.
No media watched the shuttle liftoff or could not do without it. Whether on
radio, television or Technet.cz always funny and yet accurately informed
about what is at the start or happening in space.

Antonin Vitek | Photo: Lukas Prochazka, MF DNES
When he moved in space even garbage Vítek enough to call and he always knew
why it happened and what it might mean for humanity. Rarely is because he had
to look up some materials. Most of them already had in mind a long time ago,
or even on your site unique Space 40 , which deals with satellites and space

Antonin Vitek amazed the audience commented starts landing spacecraft or his
absolute knowledge of everything that is happening at the moment. He knew
from memory the exact time data when the operations during the countdown
begins and how it will end. The color of smoke and places he knew exactly
what was being ignited or disconnected and that is all right or not. He could
perceive, interpret and graphically describe the viewer's eye going almost
invisible or imperceptible. Not only in this respect was and still is

Antonin Vitek was born on 25 January 1940 and until 1985 worked  at the
Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. He participated among others
in the development of CSK-1 crystallizer for satellite station Salyut 7 and
Mir legendary. Until his death he worked at the Academy of Sciences.

Vitek is the author of numerous articles on space travel in the journal Space
and Aeronautics + Astronautics. He is also co-author of Small Space
Encyclopedia (1982). Based on the series, which was created for our server,
released in 2008 with his longtime friend, a professional journalist and
publicist Karl Pacnerem book  half-century of space travel . In 2009, won the
prize Litter Astronomico, which awarded him the Czech Astronomical Society
for the popularization of aerospace leadership and the aforementioned
globally unique Internet Encyclopedia Astronautics SPACE 40 . For a long time
worked with daily MF Dnes. He was among the first informed the world about
the tragedy of space shuttle Columbia .

The editors Technet.cz collaborated since 2007, when the honor of the 50th
anniversary of the launch of the first artificial satellite, Sputnik began to
build on the previously mentioned series of half-century of space travel .
Came over a year. Loosely on him in 2010, followed by series of articles
Cosmic known and unknown ports . He was Antonin Vitek complete missed due to

Even in November 2011 delivered a lecture before a full house at the Academy
of Sciences building on current events in the universe (the record you can
see here ). Coincidentally, at that time was the main theme of the Russian
Phobos Grunt probe, which was so poorly programmed that in January, fell into
the Pacific Ocean .

Antonin Vitek died after a long and severe illness shortly after his second
birthday seventies.

Charles Pacner time ago my friend gave Vítek special article, you can read it
here .

Author: John Kuzník
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