[FPSPACE] NK Satellite may be a fake that was put on display for Western Journalists

Peter Pesavento pjp961 at svol.net
Tue Apr 10 20:50:11 EDT 2012

Right now, I am watching NHK World (English service).  8:30 PM, EDT, on my
local PBS station, via MHZ networks.  Katherine Kobiyashi is the main news


I am supplying this information as it comes in, without evaluation. 


They showed some extended video of the NK satellite, along with commentary.
Roughly about 60 to 70 seconds with voice over, and then there was a
Japanese aerospace engineer who made comments on the video, while being
interviewed in studio. There was also a lot of coverage about the rocket.
Careful examination of the interstage/intertank skirt area between the
second and third stages was quite soiled and darkened.  Do not know what
that means.


Apparently there are no deployable solar panels.  There are solar cells
affixed to the sides of the square box on all four sides. the commentary
said that the solar cells are affixed to the sides of the satellite.


Also, there are no orbital adjustment jets anywhere on the satellite where
they should be (such as at the corners at the satellite, to control any
nutation), and the one that they claim is an orbital adjustment jet on there
(right smack dab in the middle), is in the middle, and doesn't look like a
control thruster.  The NHK aerospace engineer stated that the satellite is
too crude (he may have been hinting that it was also badly designed, I
interpreted that as his inference) to do anything that they are claiming it
will do.. Many characteristics of authentic, operational satellites do not
exist on the model that was put on display for the journalists.  This
appears to be a different press conference, as there is a technician
speaking in English, and is wearing a business suit, that apparently is all


Thought you might like to know.


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