[FPSPACE] upcouming programs on Discovery science ( UK )

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CIA has not and will not declassify event reports on December 1968 though
they acknowledge the reports existence on it and other events and the
suggested cosmonauts death report to the white house circa 1967 does not
exist in the community period. I guess it is believe what lies one wishes to
believe rather like other previously existing authoritarian regimes.  Maybe
that is why NPR is losing funding as it stands now unfortunate for the
classical music stations nationally. The now long standing characteristic to
ignore analyst schooled in the real history screams loudly about the loss of
the CRS studies of about every five years to keep the records straight in
spite of NASA trying to fill the gap. Frankly disgusting to me when Jim
Oberg should be on NBC laying out the reality refuting the clowns  but I
have long since given up trying. 


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The discovery science  channel , available satellite and cable in the UK  is
doing 2 programs for the up coming Gagarin anniversary   , April 11 and 12
at 8pm BST unfortunately  the usual negativity and sensationalism  ,   the
first program  -


The Gagarin Conspiracy 


asks wither Gagarin was the first man in space, top secret CIA reports ,
archived Kremlin reports ??    claim  test pilot Vladimir Ilyushin    was
the first .



Cosmonaut Crash Landing


very topical at the moment !    a close look at the life and death of
Vladimir Komarov



I do hope the BBC  could do a proper tribute program for Yuri Gagarin ?


for any one in  Scotland   I will giving a talk at ASTRA about Yuri Gagarin
on Monday  night coming 7.30pm  in the Ogilvy centre  rose street Glasgow
, and on the 12th April we will all be meeting up in the bon o' cord in
north street to celebrate Yuri Gagarin's historic flight


Robert Law






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