[FPSPACE] Komarov story from "Star Man" pervades Internet

Igor Lissov lissov-i at yandex.ru
Thu Mar 31 09:21:09 EDT 2011


Why do you need to know *everything* about the mission just 
to see if the NPR story is proven and reliable or just 
a sensationalist hearsay full of errors?

It is known that Soyuz was not successfully flight tested
before the launch of Komarov. It is known that Komarov 
and Gagarin were aware of this.

It is known that a failure of the parachute system killed 
Komarov. Both official and unofficial causes for the failure
has been published 15 years ago. And in any case, there was 
a programmatic failure: the decision for manned launch made
without a fully succesful test flight. This lesson has been 
also learned.

Igor Lissov

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