[FPSPACE] Colors of Soyuz...a little bit more

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Remember all that the sun angle on the spacecraft varies as does the color variations in green



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While on the subject, I would like to add an additional question related to the insulation of Soviet/Russian manned spacecraft. Was there a single entity which specialized in the insulation material? Soyuz and Progress had varying shades of green, grey, and black; Almaz had black, white around the camera, and at least two shades of green starting with OPS-4; the LK had a silvery white material. But were these fabricated by the individual Bureaus or contracted to a single Bureau? 




David L. Rickman


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Perhaps I should re-phrase this….


When did Soyuzes stop being green (whether in paint, or in insulation) in color?


Maybe that’s a (hopefully) better-worded question.


Thanks in advance for responses.

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