[FPSPACE] Details about the 22 December 1960 Vostok launch failure

Phillip Clark phillipclark at btinternet.com
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I was looking at these pages and I was saddened to see that Oleg Gazenko who headed the Institute of Biomedical Problems in Moscow had died in 2007: I must have missed the reports of his death at that time.

I met Gazenko on quite a few occasions during 1987-1997 and he was always the perfect gentleman.   When I was with the Antenna television crew which filmed at the IBMP in March 1988 Gazenko gave the team a welcome that would normally be given to honoured guests, with an excellent meal provided.   On his visits to London in the late 1980s he especially enjoyed London beers, as I remember from the lunches which we had!

Phillip Clark

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  Alexander Koval of Dubna sent me these links. Quite interesting!





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