[FPSPACE] March 23 -- 50th Anniversary of death of cosmonaut Valentin Bondarenko

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      Валентин Бондаренко 
      some Russian press coverage:
      gravesite photos  http://www.objectiv.tv/230311/54034.html

      non-cosmonaut testers, and Bondarenko in barochamber

Samara (where Vostok booster built)

The family of Senior Lieutenant Bondarenko is to be provided with everything necessary, as befits the family of a cosmonaut. --Special Order, signed by Soviet Defense Minister R. D. Malinovskiy, April 16, 1961, classified Top Secret.

Records show he left one son, who became an Air force officer and worked for many years at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. One photograph of him and his wife Anna, shortly before his death, shows a noticeably pregnant Anna -- but I've never
seen any word of a second child.


Uncovering Soviet Disasters, by James Oberg
Random House, New York, 1988

Chapter 10: Dead Cosmonauts [Page 156-176]
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