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WARNING:  Explicit details follow about death and human remains.


I thought I would provide a bit more information about the aftermath of the
Soyuz 1 accident, dealing with Komarov's remains.


RE: Matt's comment.


More than a heel bone of Komarov was found.


His body was found.


It was not in the condition one finds say, usually in automobile crashes.  


No, this was a good bit different.


My late good friend and colleague Rex Hall in 2008 told me of a photo found
on the Web of what I would term a very macabre and sad photograph.  In


He told me about it because I had, as a result of my research into Peter
Dolgov's parachute jump accident (part of my research for the two-part
article "Sleuthing the Vostok" that appeared in BIS publication Space
Chronicle in 2009), had come into contact with some death photos of Dolgov.
The parachute jumper was in his suit, and his helmet had a chunk of glass
out of it near the crown.  The pictures had been up close, as part of the
subsequent inquest I would guess.


I had expressed sadness at seeing such pictures, and Rex mentioned that
Dolgov's pictures were nearly angelic compared to the Komarov one that he
had seen.


I myself have seen one photo that is apparently of Komarov's remains.  


It is not reproducible.


It was apparently in a morgue, on an examination table, with perhaps five
military persons standing alongside. One of them probably is Kamanin, and a
cosmonaut that appeared to be Popovich was also in the front row looking at
what I would term highly burned remains.  An out-of-focus person in the back
could've been Gagarin, along with perhaps Titov.  Everyone is wearing their
formal uniforms with their hats on.


The condition of the remains is quite similar to what I have seen in regards
to such photographs from the Vietnam war era after an area was napalmed with
its subsequent victims.


The remains were about three feet in length.  There was no way to determine
what was what.  It also appeared that remains and dirt were mixed together.


I hope that provides some factual clarity.

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