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The sensational aspects of this story sound like moondust, though.  None of it rings true, and they certainly don't prove it. Not even the worst of party toadys would force the launch of a mission they KNEW would fail, because what the hell were they going to say when they were called on the carpet after the failure and the public besmirching of the Soviet space program? 
(and if all they found was a heelbone, who's in the offin?)

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Well, actually, Keith, I think the consensus is that Gagarin did fight his way back to flight status, as his assignment as Komarov's backup indicates.
What I find troubling about the claims of  "Venymin Ivanovich Rusyaev" [Венямин Русяев] is
the notion that Komarov knew the mission was doomed but would not refuse to fly because
then 'they' would fly his backup, Gagarin, to certain death  -- but Gagarin was also allegedly 
fighting to stop the launch and surely would also have refused to go in Komarov's place. 
Has anybody actually tried to verify this man Rusyaev's stories?
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what makes for scepticism in reading these claims is that the Soviets would no more have re-flown Gagarin than the US would have allowed Glenn to re-fly for the next quarter of a century. Even less, since Sputnik & Gagarin were their glory moments.
 - Keith

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