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Soyuz 1 was to have been followed by a further crewed Soyuz 2.  This has
been confirmed by both the Russians, as well as CIA declassified materials
(via my auspices from the LBJ library).  This document mentioning Soyuz 1
was reviewed (among other things) in a publication in “Space Chronicle” back
in 2007.  Bykovskiy, who was to have been in the second craft, has disclosed
this as well


Here is the bibliographic citation:


Lifting the veil: What US intelligence knew in the 1960s about the Soviet
space program. Space Chronicle 60(JBIS Supplement 2): 49-87, 2007.


Additionally, I did have a two-part article about Komarov’s mission appear
in Spaceflight in 2003.  You can go look that up.  It covered materials
extant at the time of publication.  Russian-based reportage showed that no
parachute of any kind deployed.  Beyond the original drogue.  No parachute.
Not even a partial deployment.  This article set also reviewed the Perry
Fellwock materials, as well as further recollections of others.


The bibliographic citation for these:


The many deaths of Vladimir Komarov.  After almost four decades the question
lingers—what actually happened in the first space flight fatality? (Part 1.)
Spaceflight 45(7):292-301, 2003.


The many deaths of Vladimir Komarov. (Part 2.)  Spaceflight 45(8):337-344,



(Jim Oberg was actually instrumental in some of the very first journalist
research/interviewing in regards to Fellwock, back in the mid-1970s, if
memory serves.)


Speed of the descent was tracked by US radars in Turkey, and I believe in
Iran as well.  It was around 200 mph.  (I think I actually mentioned the
exact speed in the Spaceflight article serial mentioned above, based on
official Washington-based “leak” disclosures at the time.)




Several years ago, there was a TV documentary about Soyuz 1 that was
broadcast on Moscow television.  I will provide a précis recounting of the
salient, germane points here.  It was around 2006 I think.  It could have
been 2007.  Lots of previously unseen footage, including a lot of Komarov,
being transported on the bus in the pitch black, and ascending to the Soyuz
spacecraft as well.  


It also allegedly shows the actual descent of Soyuz 1 into the ground—and
during the entire filmed descent, there was no parachute of any kind
streaming from its top section.  At all.  Nothing.  No funny “blips” of
parachute cloth, either


It was slowly rotating though about its vertical axis—in the correct
attitude position.  (Meaning the design worked—no parachute, still
descending in the correct, upright position.)


It went straight on down by the helicopter-based cameraman, and when it hit
the ground where it subsequently exploded, the craft ejected its whole
parachute.  Nice, clean, no burn marks.


I had to watch the clip several times.  Soon afterwards in this film, to add
to the surrealism, a batch of trucks and apparently cars raced right on top
of the exploded/now-on-fire descent craft.  The ground appeared to have plow
ridges in it though—which doesn’t agree with earlier released film of the
alleged crash site where people are standing around, and others using


What bothers me is whether this is the actual film of the crash, because I
have the Windfall Interview tape transcripts (courtesy of Phil Clark) done
for the NOVA Soviet space program series back in 1990, and Mishin (one of
those interviews not broadcast on the TV series special) was saying that the
Red Air Force personnel were completely clueless as to where Komarov came
..and Mishin spent many hours waiting before they took him near the
crash site
.if my memory serves me correctly


Additionally, they had played on the Russian broadcast TV documentary a tape
of the last couple of minutes of communications from space
.once Komarov
engaged in reentry, no more communications—at all.  Nothing afterwards.
Nothing after post-reentry, according to the TV documentary.


Thought you might like to know.










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