[FPSPACE] Shame on you FPSPACE-ers

Kees van den Berg bergcvd at zonnet.nl
Thu Mar 17 10:39:45 EDT 2011

I only reacted on one the latest postings in FPSPACE and I fully agree with you FPSPACE is not a platform to share sadness, but the eartquake/tsunami-topic was not started by me. As for Haiti, there were no postings concerning Haiti, simply because Haiti has no space programmes.

Cees vd B


I am a nuclear operational engineer. If I did the same job in Fukushima, I would be the very guy trying to avoid a disaster. Be sure that I am particularly concerned by the events there.
But FPSpace is simply not intended to share sadness on world tragedies. Last year, earthquake in Haiti made 300 000 deads. You hadn't made any remark then, why ?

Nicolas Pillet

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