[FPSPACE] Interesting Almaz Capsule in Evpatoria

Nicolas PILLET nikolai39 at hotmail.fr
Thu Mar 17 10:21:49 EDT 2011

Wooww ! What a wonderful picture ! I don't find the thread in the forum where it was posted.

I've investigated the "Centre for Management and Testing of Space Resources" on Google Earth (search for "Витино, Украина"), and there is a lot of ground pictures, but I didn't found anything which looks like that.

Thanks for sharing your discovery ! ;-)

Nicolas Pillet

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Subject: [FPSPACE] Interesting Almaz Capsule in Evpatoria

Hi All!

I found an interesting photograph in which you can see about a quarter of first and second quadrant of an Almaz Reusable Return Vehicle:


This appears to be an early model. One of the four main attachment points is visible, but the attachment point for the Environmental Control System is absent. There are also indications that the insulation layer on the side of the capsule is also absent (although it does appear that this was constructed to simulate the size of the capsule with the shielding). Also the opening where the cables   running to the ECS come out is displaced slightly toward the Port side, instead of being directly under the Vzor location. There are also other minor differences.


All I can find so far (with help) is that this photo was taken last November at the Museum at the National Centre for Management and Testing of Space Resources in Evpatoria. It has been suggested that this might have been associated with the Almaz sea landing test, although it is a fair distance from Feodosia. If it was used in these test, it would not be the one used in the "three day test". That capsule is currently in the possession of Excalibur Almaz.

This is a long-shot, but does anyone here have know anybody in the area of Evpatoria who may be able to assist me in getting more information and photos of this capsule??? There is a website, but it appears to be inactive.

Best Regards,

David L. Rickman


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