[FPSPACE] Shame on you FPSPACE-ers

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Well, the top item on our president's agenda earlier this week was his picks in a national basketball tournement, but at least Charlie Sheen is no longer on the front pages. 

Please do not be distracted by superficial appearances or by public gestures. Rest assured that when crises strike, it is the much-maligned US of A that rides in to carry the burden of relief -- both government agencies and private groups -- while UN and EU bureaucrats are still arranging their accomodations and per diem budgets. 

But to be more serious: your apparent desire to impose 'thought control' {'approved' versus 'unapproved' talk] on specialized groups who share specialized interests is disturbing but again, for today's Europe, not surprising. Do not scold. If offended, leave.

And I am offended by people who sanctimoniously pose as the only persons here who have been horrified by this disaster's human cost -- and other costs. Still, unless provoked to a response, I figured it was just an opinion that I found repugnant, but so what? We don't yet make offending people a crime, at least, not in some countries.

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  Now Japan is struggling to survive the apocalyptic earthquake and a devastating tsunami, now technicians are battling to prevent a nuclear disaster and thousands of people are believed to have died, while millions (hampered by freezing temperatures and snowfalls) have no water, food, electricity or gas, while more than 500.000 people have been left homeless, FPSPACE is discussing the possible damage for the JAXA spaceprogrammes. Is that really a concern ?????

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