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Hi Folks,

Regarding the LK located among the artifacts at the RKK Energia "Center 
for Technology Development ...": I was fortunate enough to have a 
colleague who was able to take several dozen detailed photos of this 
LK. With these photos I have been able to verify that this LK is in 
fact the same LK which was previously displayed at KKKMT. The exterior 
has been painted, a few minor items are now missing, and the hinge on 
one of the protective flaps covering the nozzle of the RD-858 engine 
was damaged in the move - but a number of scratches, dings, and stains 
identify it as the same LK formerly displayed at the Korolev School.

Best Regards,

David L. Rickman

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...More recent pictures show another LK that Anatoly saw at
http://www.energia.ru/ru/news/news-2010/im/photo_01-27-19.jpg  but it
is a different and older version: the hatch opens outward and there is
another access hatch at the back.  This version is painted white and
resembles the LK at KKKMT...

Rocket fence
Anatoly Zak <agzak at optonline.net>
Wed, 09 Mar 2011 16:29:34 +0100

fpspace at friends-partners.org

...A little known version of the Soviet lunar module from
the Moon Race era stood in the corner...

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