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The facility that Anatoly is referring to is the RKK Energia "Center for 
Technology Development and Personnel Training of the Experimental 
Machine-Building Plant".  It is completely separate from the Energia 
Museum that we are all familiar with:
http://www.npointercos.jp/Energiamuseum.html that is also located within 
the facility.  You can tell the two apart by looking at the views in 
each facility: this place is in a high bay building while the museum is 
in a simple two story building.

I wrote about it back in August.  Here is a summary of some information 
about it:

RKK Energia has released a few tantalizing views of this place such as:
and the top two rows of pictures at: 
where you can see a number of views of artifacts within the facility.

There have been a number of videos recently featuring it as well such as:
http://tvroscosmos.ru/frm/kosmostv/vesti/2010/vesti190710.php  and
http://tvroscosmos.ru/frm/vestidata/2010/vesti16_01_10_2.php .
It is interesting that the American members of the ASTP mission were 
shown only the museum area and not this high bay facility.

A number of years ago, a single picture at 
http://www.nasm.si.edu/exhibitions/gal114/SpaceRace/sec300img/363l1p1.jpg was 
released showing an LK lander in the foreground and a much larger lander 
in the background in this facility.  Unfortunately, that image was 
printed backwards: the LK hatch is on the left and not the right as 
shown there.  More recent pictures show another LK that Anatoly saw at 
http://www.energia.ru/ru/news/news-2010/im/photo_01-27-19.jpg  but it is 
a different and older version: the hatch opens outward and there is 
another access hatch at the back.  This version is painted white and 
resembles the LK at KKKMT.  You can see close up pictures of this LK at:
http://i038.radikal.ru/1005/8f/8991f64cb20c.jpg  and

It is reassuring that some westerners are now being granted access to 
the facility.  So there is hope for the rest of us.


Rocket fence
Anatoly Zak <agzak at optonline.net>
Wed, 09 Mar 2011 16:29:34 +0100

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 From the days I was a kid traveling from Moscow to my country house, I 
looked with fascination at a gigantic red brick building visible behind 
the commuter train window shortly before Podlipki stop. From reluctant 
comments of my parents, I knew that this site surrounded by an imposing 
barbwire fence was very important in the Soviet space program. I could 
only imagine fantastic spaceships being assembled behind walls of this 
colossal structure. It was obviously an improbable dream to ever get 
inside. Last week, I finally did, and I can tell you, it was worth to 
wait a quarter of a century. Almost entire wall opposite to the entrance 
was lined up with life-size rockets, representing the entire legacy of 
Sergei Korolev -- from the Soviet copy of the German V-2 to RT-2 ICBM. 
The rest of the giant room was filled with space station modules, rocket 
engines, spacecraft and their components. Legendary Vostok and Soyuz 
were all there. A little known version of the Soviet lunar module from 
the Moon Race era stood in the corner. Literally, it was almost entire 
history of the Soviet space program coming from nowhere in all its 
glory. For any space fan, it is an almost religious, breath-taking 
experience.  As we now know, this building was originally used for the 
assembly of the R-7 ICBM, which could stand inside in vertical position.

My time was very limited, and my camera was acting up, but I did manage 
to take around 400 shots. Time allows, I will be sorting, identifying 
and posting them with the appropriate content on the site. But for now, 
here is an evidence that it was not just a dream:


Anatoly Zak

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