[FPSPACE] fpspace members: Would you like to join the British Interplanetary Society?

Peter Pesavento pjp961 at svol.net
Wed Mar 9 12:54:41 EST 2011

To those fpspacers that are not members of the British Interplanetary
Society, there is now a drive to obtain new members.


If you would like to contemplate joining, please visit their Website at the
following URL link for more details:


www.bis-spaceflight.com <http://www.bis-spaceflight.com/> 



Topics that they cover include:  Fusion; Exoplanets; Robotics; Astrobiology;
Propulsion; SETI; Terraforming; Planetary Exploration; Metamaterials;
Interstellar Flight; Machine Intelligence; and of course, Spaceflight
History, and Current Events relating to Space Exploration as well.


The Society also publishes "Spaceflight," "JBIS" (Journal of the British
Interplanetary Society), "Space Chronicle," as well as special book


The Society is an excellent repository and source for the entire history of
the Space Age, and they also harbor a library of unique materials as well.


As a member, I encourage one and all (who are not currently members) to
check out the Website.  And join.


They have a special where (I think it's still extant) where they allow a
member to subscribe at the 12-month price, but gain six further issues (in
actuality an 18-month subscription) for free.



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