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> Subject: NASA's Shuttle Discovery Heads to Space Station on Its Final Mission
> Feb. 24, 2011
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> RELEASE: 11-054
> CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. -- The final flight of space shuttle Discovery 
> lifted off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center at 4:53 p.m. EST Thursday 
> to deliver a new module and critical supplies to the International 
> Space Station. 
> The STS-133 mission is delivering the Permanent Multipurpose Module 
> (PMM), a facility created from the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module 
> named Leonardo. The module can support microgravity experiments in 
> areas such as fluid physics, materials science, biology and 
> biotechnology. Inside the PMM is Robonaut 2, a dextrous robot that 
> will become a permanent resident of the station. Discovery also is 
> carrying critical spare components to the space station and the 
> Express Logistics Carrier 4, an external platform that holds large 
> equipment. 
> "With Discovery's mission, the United States once again reaches for 
> new heights, pushes the boundaries of human achievement and 
> contributes to our long-term future in space," NASA Administrator 
> Charles Bolden said. "Discovery's crew - including the first-ever 
> dexterous robot crew member, Robonaut 2 - will continue America's 
> leadership in human and robotic spaceflight, and support important 
> scientific and technical research aboard the space station."
> STS-133 Commander Steve Lindsey will command the flight. He is joined 
> on the mission by Pilot Eric Boe and Mission Specialists Alvin Drew, 
> Steve Bowen, Michael Barratt and Nicole Stott. Bowen replaced Tim 
> Kopra as mission specialist 2 following a bicycle injury on Jan. 15 
> that prohibited Kopra from supporting the launch window. Bowen last 
> flew on Atlantis in May 2010 as part of the STS-132 crew. Flying on 
> the STS-133 mission will make Bowen the first astronaut ever to fly 
> on consecutive missions.
> The shuttle crew is scheduled to dock to the station at 2:16 p.m. on 
> Saturday, Feb. 26. The mission's two spacewalks will focus on 
> outfitting the station and storing spare components outside the 
> complex.
> After completing the 11-day flight, the shuttle's first landing 
> opportunity at Kennedy is scheduled for 12:44 p.m. on Monday, March 
> 7. STS-133 is the 133rd shuttle flight, the 39th flight for Discovery 
> and the 35th shuttle mission dedicated to station assembly and 
> maintenance.
> NASA's Web coverage of STS-133 includes mission information, a press 
> kit, interactive features, news conference images, graphics and 
> videos. Mission coverage, including the latest NASA Television 
> schedule, is available on the main space shuttle website at:
> http://www.nasa.gov/shuttle 
> NASA is providing continuous television and Internet coverage of the 
> mission. NASA TV features live mission events, daily status news 
> conferences and 24-hour commentary. For NASA TV streaming video, 
> downlink and schedule information, visit: 
> http://www.nasa.gov/ntv 
> Daily news conferences with STS-133 mission managers will take place 
> at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. To use this service, 
> reporters must have valid media credentials issued by a NASA center 
> or issued specifically for the STS-133 mission.
> Journalists planning to use the service must contact the Johnson 
> newsroom at 281-483-5111 no later than 15 minutes prior to the start 
> of a briefing. Newsroom personnel will verify credentials and 
> transfer reporters to the phone bridge. Phone bridge capacity is 
> limited, so it will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
> Live updates to the NASA News Twitter feed will be added throughout 
> the mission and landing. To access the feed, go to the NASA.gov home 
> page or visit: 
> http://www.twitter.com/nasa
> Stott is providing updates to her Twitter account during the mission. 
> She can be followed at:
> http://www.twitter.com/Astro_Nicole
> For more information about the space station, visit:
> http://www.nasa.gov/station 
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